David Newbatt is an artist and teacher who lives and works at a Camphill Community for young adults with special needs in Aberdeen, Scotland.
David works in a wide variety of mediums, mainly using either water-colours, pastels or acrylics. His work over the years has included illustrating a variety of different themes, including Goethe’s fairy tale of The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, Eros and Fable, the Norwegian poem of Olaf Asteson, and work on the story of Parzival. The subject matter of his paintings include a wide range of landscapes, and many works illustrating the festivals and seasons. In addition to all of this, he is a prolific mural painter.

David has spent thirty years living in a Camphill Communities throughout Great Britain, specializing in education through the visual arts and drama. He is particularly interested in painting as social and therapeutic medium, and having travelled widely, he has worked in a diverse range of settings to help the building up and strengthening of different community structures.

His work as been exhibited throughout Great Britain and the rest of Europe.