David Newbatt is an artist and teacher who lives and works at a Camphill Community for young adults with special needs in Aberdeen, Scotland.
David works in a wide variety of mediums, mainly using either water-colours, pastels or acrylics. His work over the years has included illustrating a variety of different themes

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Artwork & Commissions

Rudolf Steiner Lecture

  Four large charcoal and pastel illustrations to accompany a lecture given in Sao Paulo, Brazil celebrating the life of Rudolf Steiner.

Eros & Fable

  Seven illustrations in beeswax crayon and watercolour inspired by the imaginative and challenging fairytale composed by the German poet Novalis

The Seven Archangels

Gabriel (moon) Raphael (Mercury) Anael (Venus) Michael (Sun) Samael (Mars) Zachariel (Jupiter) Oriphiel (Saturn) Inspired by the research work of Emil Páleš

Teaching & Conferences

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