Kaspar Hauser – Where Did He Come From?

A phenomenological study into Rudolf Steiner’s question.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the life and death of Kaspar Hauser still raise questions today. Who was this young man who spent the whole of his childhood in isolation? Why was he locked away? Where did he come from?

In the last month of his life Rudolf Steiner identified the question of where Kaspar Hauser came from as being one of the great issues in history. In this fascinating book, Terry Boardman conducts a phenomenological and historical enquiry into the question asked by Steiner, and aims to answer it not so much in terms of Kaspar Hauser’s genetic line, but of his spiritual origin.

Alongside powerful and provocative illustrations by David Newbatt, Terry Boardman’s text provides an interpretation of the phenomena surrounding the life of Kaspar Hauser, and how this sheds light on his spiritual origin and mission.

Available from Wynstones Press